December 13, 2014

Double Chins Are A Wake Up Call

A couple nights ago, my daughter took my cell phone and took a picture of me.  I saw everything that was wrong with my body in that picture.
My arms looked huge and flabby.  
My stomach roll was visible through my tshirt.
And I had a double chin.

So of course, I ran to the bathroom and started examining myself, moving my head in every direction, assessing how bad my double chin is. 
It's really not super evident otherwise but it was  punch in the gut.
I topped over my scary number on the scale and that wasn't enough to motivate me to do anything, but the double chin is.

I had been doing well right after Tyler but I let it all go.

"I'm too tired to pack them up to go to the gym"
"He's too young to bring to the gym"
"I've been at work all day; I don't want them spending 1 of the 3 hours I get with them with a sitter"
"I have too much to do around the house"
"I can always go tomorrow"
"I'll work out after I wean Tyler"

All excuses. Every single one of them.

I set a goal. And it was terrible goal.
I wanted to weigh 150 pounds again. But that's not a good goal because the number isn't important.  If I gain muscle, the number may stay but I'll wear a smaller size.

I don't want to say a certain size because once again, who knows. But I do have a goal. A real, perfect, doable goal.

In June, on June 24th to be precise, I want to wear a bikini at the hotel pool in Disney. 
That's my goal. 
7 months to feel really really fucking good about myself. 

Wish me luck.

December 12, 2014

Influenster #ModaVoxBox

I've written about Influenster before and I just LOVE the company.  I received their #ModaVoxBox in the mail and am just obsessed with what I got!


resource® Natural Spring Water

refresh. revitalize. replenish. Discover resource® Natural Spring Water…it’s good for you and mindful of the environment. resource is a sustainably sourced 100% Natural Spring Water from carefully selected sources with naturally occurring electrolytes for a clean, refreshing taste. resource comes in a bottle made with 50% recycled plastic* and is 100% recyclable.  Thanks to your recycling efforts, resource can keep re-using your recycled plastic. refresh yourself with resource® Natural Spring Water.

Puffs SoftPack

Outside, its flexible design holds up better than an ordinary tissue box. Inside, it’s the soft Puffs tissues you love from the only national brand dermatologist tested to be gentle.

Rimmel London introduces new Moisture Renew Lip Liner, a totally clear lip liner that defines lips and prevents colour from feathering. The perfect liner for any shade of lipstick, Moisture Renew Lip Liner coats, primes and outlines your pout with a transparent moisturizing barrier - no colour-matching required! Result: your lipstick resists smearing and disappearing so you can wear all of the season’s most vibrant, on-trend shades with total confidence.

As honey coats to protect and apricot oil hydrates for softness, the Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask contains essences of these ingredients, conditioning and coating each strand to help repair and smooth the protective outer layer. The formula helps provides rich moisture protection from everyday styling for smooth, manageable hair while adding softness, smoothness and radiant shine.

Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel London for lips drenched in moisture and a brilliant burst of rich, pure colour. 9 out of 10 Agree* Moisture Renew moisturizes without compromising on colour.

•  Intense colour pay-off
•  Ultra-creamy, soft texture moisturizes lips
•  Vitamins A, C, E help care for lips
•  Available in 24 shades

JERGENS® Ultra Healing® Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

Repairs, heals, and deeply nourishes extra dry skin to reveal visibly luminous, healthier skin.

Best for: Extra dry skin, including heels, elbows, and knees.
Improves skin‘s tone, texture, and luminosity.
Contains a unique illuminating Hydralucence blend and Vitamins C, E, and B5. 
Heals dryness at the source by penetrating through five layers of the skin‘s surface.
Absorbs quickly and locks in moisture for up to 48 hours.

Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara by Rimmel London.

Our first broken heart-shaped brush creates a fringe of big, curvy, rockin’ lashes. This cleverly-shaped applicator twists and curves to hug the lash line; the thin tip grabs hard-to-reach inner lashes, while the amplified base pulses lashes with incredible volume and curve. Lashes are plumped and lifted in one clean stroke.

Product Features & Benefits:
Delivers loud, curvy and rockin’ lashes
Our first broken heart-shaped brush curves to the lash line to grab your lashes and pump them up
Rockin’ lashes at a heartbreaking value
Red and black snakeskin colours will make you want to Rock Out!
Black, Extreme Black, Carbon Black


The cocoa disappeared the night I got the box and I've been using the Rockin' Curves Mascara since I got it! I just love it!

Thanks Influenster!

December 9, 2014

Countdown to Christmas: Printables

This month, I've teamed up with more than 70 other bloggers to bring you TONS of holiday crafts this December!

You can check out all the other posts here:

Raindrops on Roses

But today I'm sharing 2 different EASY countdowns and a free printable letter to Santa!

My three year old is SO excited for Santa that we had to come up with something to get her to stop asking every day "Is Santa coming today?!".  I went on to PicMonkey and put together two super quick printables!

The first is so easy it's not even funny.

Print this out, put it in a frame and use a dry erase marker to X off each day as it goes by! When there are no more numbers to X, Santa is on his way!

The second one involves a little more crafting!

Print this image on heavy cardstock.
You'll want it to be on cardstock so it holds its shape better!
Then get 4 pieces of craft paper.  I used holiday craft paper but you could use red and green construction paper, or even just white printer paper if it's all you have!

I cut my 4 pieces of paper (in the long) direction multiple times to make 4 strips out of each piece of paper!

Using tape or glue (tape works faster-- just saying!), make a circle from one strip of paper.  Loop another strip through that circle and secure the second strip into a circle using more tape or glue.  Continue making this chain until you have enough "links" to represent how many days are left until Christmas Eve!

Hang it up and every morning have your little one rip off one "link". When there are no more links, it's time for Christmas!

And lastly, because it's not the holiday season without a letter to Santa, here's a quick one to print off and send! Isn't it cute?

If you have an awesome holiday craft, I'd love if you left a link in my comments so I can check it out!


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