April 28, 2016

The NEW Acushnet Public Library!

We love covering travel and adventures on the blog and tonight we took a very local adventure.  Our town library used to be very inconvenient to go to.  There were only 4 off street parking spots, you had to walk up a flight of steps to get in and the children's area was no bigger than 10 feet by 10 feet. It just wasn't enjoyable to visit.  Even dropping off books was difficult because of where parking was.  If I wanted to just run and drop them off on my own, I wasn't able to see the kids in the car because of where the drop box was.

Over the past couple years, the Acushnet Library was in the process of moving to a new location. What's really cool to me is that many of my students helped with the construction of it through our school's vocational program. We stopped by last night to check it out!

April 27, 2016

Provincetown Recap: Eastwood at Provincetown

April vacation is one of our two annual trips to Provincetown, Ma. We stay at the Eastwood at Provincetown and we love going!

Eastwood at Provincetown

Eastwood at Provincetown

The whole place is only 30ish units and it's so family friendly.  In addition to the gorgeous pool, with a hot tub, the building with the sail boat on it is a game room, complete with a fooseball table, ping pong table, and pool table.  There is also a bocce set, a fire place, a tv, and an ice machine. We spend a good amount of time in there every time we visit! There's also a second hot tub on property, which is awesome, as well as a fenced in tennis court, a shuffleboard, a fitness area, laundry set up,a playground, and multiple grills set up if you feel like making dinner one night!

Across the street (and down like 500 feet) is the beach so it's a perfect spot to wake up and see the sunrise.  If you head down the street the otherway, you are only a short distance away from Commercial St, which is the main shopping area of Provincetown.

The Purple Feather
We love to head to Herring Cove and Race Point Beach as well, since they are just stunning beaches.

Can we talk about how those pictures are filter-free from my cell phone?! Literally Heaven. The most gorgeous place ever.

I put together a quick video for you so you can see what the rooms look like as well as a quick overview of some of the facilities.  Go easy on me as I'm still new with this video thing buuuuut here goes....

It's the most relaxing vacation we take and this vacation was no different.  They are currently renting through Booking.com so check them out and see if there's a night you can escape to the Cape!

April 25, 2016

Taking Toys on Vacation: The Lion Guard and Shopkin Kinstructions

I'm grumpy today.  Mostly because I'm back at work after my amazing week long vacation. Once again, we spent April vacation down the Cape in Provincetown. We've been going for years and it is seriously, one of the most relaxing weeks of my whole year. Beaches. Gelato. Time with my family. It's perfection.

I will admit, I was a bit nervous about this year's vacation.  Tyler is super mobile and a rambunctious almost two year old, and Emmalee is a moody, almost five year old going on seventeen.  They love each other but bug each other so much. Tyler will bop Emma with a toy, she'll start crying. She'll yell at him, he'll start crying. It's a vicious cycle broken up by laughs, kisses, and snuggles.

I knew I would want to be able to relax at some point with my husband so we packed up a couple surprise toys for the kids.  Pro tip: this wards off all sorts of toy requests because there is already something waiting for them back at the hotel room! :)

For Tyler we packed up a couple Lion Guard toys.  Have you seen The Lion Guard? It's about Simba and Nala's son, Kion and his friends learning to use their unique talents to solve problems.  What mom doesn't love that message?

The kids are obsessed with blind bag toys (see here, here, and here) so we grabbed a couple for them to open, as well as a talking Kion stuffed animal.

They kids were super excited to open their blind bags and find Kion, Ty's favorite, and Fuli, Emma's favorite! They immediately began running around the room, making their animals roar and "go on a hunt". I love imaginative play toys!

The Kion plush is especially cool because he talks! When you press the "Mark of the Guard" print on his arm, he lights up and makes sounds, including 4 signature catch phrases from the show! Since Tyler doesn't speak much, he would press the button and just start laughing while chasing his sister around.

At almost 5 years old, Emmalee is much better at some quiet time toys, really spending lots of time drawing, coloring, using playdoh, making bead jewelry, all sit down quiet type activities, so when we saw these Shopkins Kinstructions, we knew they would be perfect for her to sit quietly and use while Tyler was taking a nap.

The directions were a bit tricky, but the company has released all new directions on their website that are free to download! Emma's favorite part is that each Shopkin is actually two pieces so she can mix and match the little pieces! She must have sat at the table for a full hour, making the Shopkins go shopping for each other!

I really loved the idea of having a couple new surprise toys in the room for the kids.  It gave them something new and exciting which gave me time to actually sit and relax! Bonus was that since they just got the new toys, they weren't asking for anything while we were out! I love them both and think I need more blind bags, the other talking characters, and more Shopkins toys! Which do you plan on grabbing?


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